Welcome to Weird Words

And here we go with another experiment...

My name is Garrett Kelly and this is my first introductory post for Weird Words, a WriteFreely instance developed for all friendly weirdos. This is a place to talk paranormal shop and get into the nitty gritty details. Share revolutionary theories about disappearing pizza parlors in the Olympic Peninsula, argue over the hat size of The Hat Man, or just share your best recipes for fermenting #UFO water in order to invite entities within!

I am 1/3 of the crew over at Liminal Earth – a completely crowdsourced map of mysterious and otherworldly encounters. Everything from Ghost/Ufo/Bigfoot sightings to straight up demonic sandwiches on Seattle public transportation. If you've encountered something strange yourself – like maybe a dog walking down the street wearing human shoes??? — we encourage you to submit your occurrence to the map!

We have decided to setup a WriteFreely instance for longer form paranormal, occult, and/or just plain 'weird' writing. What makes this new is that these posts will be available on the old fashioned web as well as through ActivityPub (the technology that powers Mastodon) and the rest of the #Fediverse! We're excited to see where this might take us!

If you'd like to join us in this endeavor, shoot us an email here at info[@]liminal.earth and tell us generally about yourself and what kinds of things you'd might like to write about! More info on our About page.

We are also closely linked with the Mastodon instance “weirdo.network”. So if you're looking to dip your toes in there and step away from Elon Musk billionaire-verse, we'd be happy to help set you up and help you get situated. Like the Weirdo Network, we maintain an identical mission:

The Weirdo Network is a place for folks interested in the strange and unusual who put people first. Topics of discussion include, but are by no means limited to, #UFO/UAPlogy, ‘#ghost hunting’ and #paranormal investigation, #cryptozoology/#Bigfoot studies, “#Forteana,” #occultism, #magic(k) traditions, #witchcraft and witch-adjacent paths, #paganism, high weirdness, etc.

We are also Social Justice centered. If you want to talk about social and political issues as much as ghosts and goblins, you are welcome here. Weirdo.network is actively pro-LGBTQIA+, actively pro-#BIPOC, actively antifascist,and aggressively opposed to bigotry and related hijinks. Fascists, TERFs, antivaxxers, and jerks— and instances that knowingly host them— will be blocked.

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