Hi, I'm Garrett Kelly.

I am:

I live in Bremerton, Washington. As such, I remain committed to studying the Giant Shrimp In the Laundry Room, a 1948 cryptid sighting from my hometown🦐

My paraweird projects

These are some projects I've worked on with friends in the 'paraweird' community

Liminal.Earth – A crowdsourced map of strange an unusual experiences. Add your story!

WUFO.WATCH – A Wednesday Night Watch Club (free to all)

Weird Words – A WriteFreely instance for paranormal bloggers

Chant.Codes – A ChatGPT inspired p5 javascript application for use in browser divination]

Floraphone – A biodata sonification unit that is connected to a MIDINarrator, to allow plants/mushrooms to “speak”