Repurposing Childhood Games For Professional Paranormal Experimentation

Last week on the #WUFO live stream I introduced a new highly sophisticated divination technique based on the classic middle school game “M * A * S * H”. This adaptation of the ritual works in a very similar way, but instead of figuring out if you're going to live in a 'Mansion' with your crush in Tokyo with 38 children, this version lets you figure out which supernatural entity out there has a message for you!

Adaptation of the traditional middle school game 'MASH' but for WUFO. The words WUFO are on the top of the screen, with words and letters around the grid crossed out or circled and a spiral in the middle.

Caption: Adaptation of the traditional middle school game 'MASH' but for WUFO. The words WUFO are on the top of the screen, with words and letters around the grid crossed out or circled and a spiral in the middle.

So in this new adaptation, we've slightly change the traditional rules and layout.

Drawing the new #WUFO board:

  1. Make a square then write the letters W U F O along the top.
  2. On the left side write four suggested offerings that you think the entity might enjoy and that you have on hand. (Suggestions: “Milk”, “Sugar”, “Honey”, “Fruit”, etc.)
  3. On the right, draw four lines and then fill it in with divination techniques for which you have reasonable access. The game will determine which of the four is most preferable to the entity for communication (Examples: “Tarot”, “Spirit Box”, “Meditation”, “Dreams”, “Automatic Writing, etc.”).
  4. Along the bottom, include the possible topics you would like to discuss. (“Introductions”, “Career Path”, “Love Advice”, “Creative Ideas”, etc)
  5. Optional: We also tried adding the alphabet at the bottom in order to discover the 'name' of the entity you will be speaking with.


Once the board is filled out with all the possibilities you are ready to use it to figure out who's out there wanting to chat! In the center square, put your pen down and start to draw a spiral shape. Close your eyes and make a spiral for as long as you feel natural and then... stop! From the outside of the spiral, count the number of lines starting from the outside in and then back out again. This will be your special number for moving around the edges of the board.

Say you counted 7 lines. You will now move clockwise around the board starting with the 'W' in WUFO at the top and touching on every entry you've filled out. When you count to your number, cross out whatever you land on and skip it in further rotations. Continue around the board until every category is left with only one final option (and then circle that winning option).

The alphabet at the bottom will give you a name. After experimenting, I suggest putting all the vowels on one line and 'finishing' the categories when only two options remain. Also put the rest of of the consonants in their own category. and finish when two remain. Scramble the letters however you want, but in the end it will make for a 'better', more pronounceable name than say...BHPX.

What Does It Mean?

The WUF*O at the top indicates the KIND of entity you will be speaking with. Here is what we suggest:

W: Water Elemental U: Underground or Earth Elemental F: Fire O: Outerspace / Other Dimensional / Aerial

After filling out the board, you will have an idea of WHO wants to speak to you, WHAT kind of entity they are, WHAT their name is, HOW they want to speak to you, WHAT they generally want to talk to you about, and HOW you can give thanks.

Isn't this a bit silly though?

Yes! But that's totally ok. I'm fascinated by ways we can adapt other children's 'games' in order to interact with the WhateverIsOutThere. So much of what I am interested in regarding 'paranormal' investigation has more to do with 'play' and interacting with the Universe in fun new ways to see how it responds. Children seem to have a unique access to this realm – blowing the seed heads off dandelions to make wishes or saying Bloody Mary in a mirror in order to summon a spirit, light as a feather stiff as a board, cootie catchers, etc. etc! Totally plan on trying new ways to adapt their knowledge for further investigation. Please let me know how this work for you if you try it!

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