Recent Dream

Right before bed my cat Sardine (aka Sardines) was acting peculiar — getting in the bathtub to scratch it. Meowing a lot more than usual. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I made sure her litter box was sparkling just in case she was being overly picky and then went to bed.

That night I had dream that I went down into the basement where her box is kept and there was a dog there. It was painted orange like a tiger, with drawn on eyes in a different spot on it's body. I had watched the episode of The Last oF Us that night in which there is a young boy named Sam who wants to be a superhero — he gets orange paint drawn over her eyes like a ninja turtle bandana — so that may be where my subconscious picked this up.

The dog's real eyes glowed green, a bit like how animals look when you shine a flashlight at them, but even more vivid. I wasn’t scared of the animal, but knew it was what was scaring my cat so I led it outside to set it free. There was also a sort of young 20 something kid sleeping down there, wearing a baby blue sweat suit. I sent him on his way as well. He kind of reminded me of Machine Gun Kelly.

In the morning, I told my partner about what I had encountered in my dream and as soon as I mentioned going down into the basement, she stopped me to say she had had a dream about going down there too. In her, she walked over to a pile of boxes and clothes and discovered a whole litter of mystery kittens.

This is the third time I've had a dream that I've shared elements with another person. How in the Hell!!?

Sunday, Feb 12, 2023

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