Astral Typewriter

Last night I had a dream that I was traveling through the Bay Area with a small group of friends. There was a lot of anxiety about our travels and I was the designated driver; I remember that there was an upcoming tunnel and very steep bridge we were going to have to encounter soon, so we stopped at a mission style building to stretch our legs and plan.

I wandered over to a yard sale that was being held by a semi-famous TikTok influencer (not someone I actually know in the real world). She had lots of clothes and bric-a-brac. Back behind some rather large framed artwork, I found a piece of furniture that was obviously quite old. It came up to about my waist and was extremely ornate – lifting the lid unveiled that it was a side desk of some kind with an antique typewriter embedded inside. The keys seemed to be made out of bone and ivory, but there were modern index notecards inside with some bits of writing so I knew it was all in working order. It was only $25 on the price tag and allowed myself to splurge just this one time on myself — though I was worried how I was going to be able to stuff it in the back of the trunk for the rest of our voyage.

Feb 14th, 2023

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