#Poetry as Paranormal Investigation

For our first Weird Words gathering, we used the Random Story feature on liminal.earth as a starting point to create blackout poetry.

The results were pretty fantastic, and really added a new dimension to the weirdness of the reports by highlighting some themes within the original story.

What could we learn about the paranormal by reframing experiences (those of others, or our own)? In the act of taking one narrative and carving another out of it, can we experience something a bit more viscerally ourselves? That was certainly my unexpected experience in doing this exercise.

My random story had to do with a time slip. I found myself focusing in on the words that were related to a sense of time. What was left felt like a condensation of the experience, which I think is something good poetry achieves and reminds me of the stone tape theory in the paranormal.

For our next Weird Words Writing Group, we're going to be utilizing tarot as a creative muse, which I'm really excited to explore with y'all. See you at 8:30 ET/5:30 PST this Thursday! If you haven't received a calendar invite already, fill out this form & I'll get it to you ASAP.