Telluric Gardening


1. Designing Your Sanctuary of Life

When designing your Sanctuary of Life, care should be taken to predict the ratio of light to darkness by consulting the position of the Sun. Spirits you will be summoning are dependent upon Solar influences and proper consideration of these influences is imperative for the success of your Working.

Consider the directions, and the quadrants from whence the Spirits of Air and Water will attend your Sanctuary. Consider also the relationships between the entities you will summon forth. Do not design that those who are dry will be enthroned next to, or below, those which are wet. Consider the spaces where your Entities will reside, and how best to summon Familiar Spirits of Nurturing Fliers who will bring prosperity to your Sanctuary.

Should you desire a border for your Sanctuary, consider whether any harmful entities will encroach upon it, and plan your wards accordingly. Of particular concern may be the Horned Spirits who, while good and proper allies in their course, may cause harm to the entities within your Sanctuary. Negotiation with the Horned Ones may be possible; it is also possible to attempt to forbid their trespass with physical walls if so desired.

2. Consecrating the Tools

In the name of Fire, various Staves should be acquired which will translate your Fullness to the Fullness of the Sanctuary. The staves you choose will depend upon the requirements of your Sanctuary:


In the name of Air, an Athame should be acquired:


In the name of Water, a Chalice or Aspergillum should be acquired to house the Spirit of Water:


In the name of Earth, a Plate, Paten, or Container should be acquired to house the Spirit of Earth:

Ceremonial Paten

More tools may be necessary, but these elemental items should serve the participant well in a foundational sense.

Care should be taken to properly sharpen and clean the tools of the tradition, applying oils of anointment which have received their agency in the Sanctuary or one with an affinity to it (an infusion of the Spirit of Lavender, for example). All tools should be named, and the Spirits therein recognized.

3. Preparing the Altars of Summoning

The Altar sites partake of the Telluric Current which comprises the Soil and its Denizens. Each site should house as many entities as is proper to their growth and function.

First, the Grass Spirits must be banished from the Altar Sites, should they be established thereon. The Grass Spirits may be banished utilizing the Staves, or via the placement of a Shroud of Darkness over them.

When the sites have been established and delineated, using the implements described above, one should remove a small amount of Telluric Current from the proposed site of each Altar within the Sanctuary. Using a simple ampulla, or similar container, the Spirit of the Telluric Current in question should be Tested by means either magical or chemical, that the components thereof are known.

A simple alchemical process of COAGULATION and SEPARATION will display the components in question.

Through the intercession of CRUCIFER, Ruler of the Brassicacae, the Telluric Current can be tested for acidity.

The Telluric Current may be ritually adjusted as needed to ensure proper conditions for the Summoning. In particular, ratios of mephitic air, potash, and phosphorus must be taken into account and modified according to tradition if indicated. However, it is possible to proceed depending entirely upon the Signs and Signals presented by the summoned entities.

The presence of Worm Spirits in the Telluric Current is a positive indicator of success.

4. The Summoning

Now that the Sanctuary has been properly designed, the Tools have been correctly consecrated, and the Temple has been sited and adjusted, it is time to begin the Summoning.

When the Sun, Stars, and Air are in proper alignment according to the genius loci, you may proceed with the Working. Begin by making the proper invocations of the Governors of the Spirits of the Plant Families whose members you wish to bring forth.

Sigils Sigils2 Sigils3

According to the Writings of the Masters, place the Seeds and Bodies of the Entities into the Temples within the Sanctuary, using the sanctified tools. Allow them to become accustomed to the Fullness proceeding from the Sun, and moisten with the Spirit of Water. Soon, the Entities will burst forth from the Womb of the Earth, and the Miracle of making the Inner like the Outer and the Outer like the Inner shall be Manifest within your Sanctuary.

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